6 thoughts on “Audio from March 13, 2020

  1. Loved it. Bill is a very talented musician. His introductions to the pieces and the history of the music written in the program add to the enjoyment.

  2. Beautiful music,Bill! I’m so glad it was recorded, as I couldn’t be there. We are all tucked in now. So good to hear the energy of Dais, Daisy, reflective spirit of Ubi Caritas and the various moods of Phantom!

    Thank you so much, R Duvall?

  3. As much as Audrey and I enjoy the live performance, we were unable to make the great March 13 performance which leaves me in awe. My favorite organist has long been Keith Chapman who played the Wanamaker and was somewhat of a guru with recordings in his day. I am very impressed with the quality of this recording and in hopes of paying a compliment to Bill, I think he is the Keith Chapman of St. Louis. (I should remind folks as Bill has on occasion, the Wanamaker organ has its roots in St. Louis thanks to 13 railroad cars taking the world’s largest organ in 1904 from the World’s Fair to Philadelphia.) The organ Bill played in this recording sounds wonderful. Leaving our best regards and thanks to all involved, Audrey & Trent Duff

  4. I noticed you did Christ Crucified by Eugene Butler. By any chance do you have a recording of it.s/My mother Elaine did t back in the11960 I would gladly donate a resonable sum to your Music department.

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